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Home Loans

At Finance OK, we understand that obtaining a home loan when you have bad credit is not easy. However, there are lenders that will take your circumstances into consideration and hear your story. With many larger banks focussing on their bottom line, there are smaller non bank institutions out there that take a chance on those clients that are deemed to be of a ‘risky’ nature. If you need a home loan with bad credit, look to Finance OK for a helping hand.

Our team does not simply ignore poor credit, however, we do not give loans out to just anyone. Our process involves looking into more data than just your credit history. Your credit record tells us vital information, but it doesn’t always portray all of the necessary facts. We take into consideration secondary factors before we make a final decision. Your time in employment and the reason for your credit issues, your annual income and your current banking statements tell us the important details that your credit history cannot.

At Finance OK, our promise to you is to look further than your credit history—we look at the data that matters. Rather than rejecting you at first glance, we ensure that we take into consideration all of the necessary components. We can’t promise that you will receive a loan approval, but we can say that you will receive fairer consideration which you will not get from the larger banks.