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Low Doc Commercial Loan

Are you a business owner looking to buy or refinance a commercial property?

If you are self employed and you cannot present company and personal tax returns then a low doc commercial loan may be the right solution for your lending needs. At FinanceOK we have access to lenders that can offer 30 year loan terms with no annual reviews for commercial low doc loans.  

  • Low doc commercial loans provide business’s working capital in the absence of significant documents often used as verification
  • There documents may include financial statements, sources of income verification or even tax return statements
  • In short, it involves a loan that is approvable even with low volume of ‘verifying’ documents
  • Suitable to new entrepreneurs, self-employed people, and constructors/builders.

The traditional bank loan has lost a great deal of ground with the introduction of low doc loans in recent years. This is probably due to the fact that the traditional standards of banks are becoming more challenging to meet.

Low doc loans means that borrowers can receive money without needing to provide lots of documentation. In fact, people opting for traditional loans may find themselves rejected because some documents are missing.

FinanceOK provides straight-forward commercial loan solutions, with no surprises:

$100,000 – $10,000,000 commercial property loans

Competitive commercial property interest rates

‘Set and forget’ loan terms up to 30 years

Interest-only, fixed-rate or principal and interest payments

Up to 80% LVR

Tailored commercial loan solutions

No annual reviews, ongoing fees or re-evaluations

Full Doc, Mid Doc, Quick Doc, and SMSF options

Fast approvals and settlement

No red tape or jargon



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