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Personal Loans

Do you need money for an upcoming holiday, want to do some renovations or are you interested in consolidating your existing loans?

Before you compare personal loans, it helps to work out what sort of loan you want. If you have nothing material to guarantee the loan against, such as a house or car, you may need to look at an unsecured personal loan. An unsecured personal loan will have slightly higher fees and interest rates to offset the lenders risk for taking on your debt.

The main benefit of a personal loan and what attracts many people to this option compared to a credit card, is that their interest rates are usually lower and you have an allocated time frame in which to pay the loan back. This means that it’s often easier to pay off and you could save you a lot of money in interest.

Identifying the need, doing your research and shopping around will ultimately pay in dividends and lead you to uncovering the best personal loan for you.

If you have a loan amount in mind and have identified what type of loan you require then it’s time to get serious and start comparing. Comparing personal loans doesn’t mean hours of leg work, instead call us and kick your feet up while we start comparing some of Australia’s best personal loans.

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